Kung Fu Is Great

This website, Kung Fu Is Great, is dedicated to our love of Kung Fu in its many styles and applications.

As a traditional Chinese Kung Fu school for the past 20 years, we have been teaching and training this ancient Chinese Martial Art for years.  A little known fact is that the term “Kung Fu” actually means anything achieved through time and effort.  So anything that you dedicate time and effort toward doing or accomplishing is your own Kung Fu.

White Dragon Kung Fu

Having taught literally thousands of students over these past 20 years, Sifu Manning knows better than anyone that not all students have the goal of becoming black belts.  But we all have our own goals, and Sifu Manning loves getting to know each student and understanding each student’s personal goals, interests, and desires.

Please join us in celebrating the successes of our students as they learn, grow, and develop their own inner Kung Fu and increase their practical skills and abilities.